eppendorf 艾本德Masterclear™ PCR管盖和荧光定量PCR排管

产品名称:eppendorf 艾本德Masterclear™ PCR管盖和荧光定量PCR排管



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eppendorf 艾本德Masterclear™ PCR管盖和荧光定量PCR排管的详细资料:

eppendorf 艾本德Masterclear™ PCR管盖和荧光定量PCR排管,艾本德Masterclear™ PCR管盖和荧光定量PCR排管,eppendorf Masterclear™ PCR管盖和荧光定量PCR排管
Take advantage of all the benefits of white reflective wells in real-time PCR, now also available in PCR tube format.

Eppendorf real-time PCR Tube Strips feature an extremely thin wall for optimal heat transfer combined with high mechanical stability. In combination with their optical properties these are the ideal tube strips for any real-time PCR, especially for use with small reaction volumes. 

The Masterclear™ Cap Strips offer further advantages for your real-time PCR. The inverted dome of the Masterclear™ Cap Strips prevents scratching or contamination of the optical surface and reduces the volume of the micro test tube. In addition, the material and the production processes were optimized to make light transmission nearly perfect.


MasterclearTM 排管盖的特殊设计进一步优化了定量PCR,其内嵌式的管盖防止透光盖表面被刮伤或污染,减少微量PCR管的体积。此外,由于高品质材料及严格的质控,排管盖具有极好的透光性。