Bio-Rad伯乐甘氨酸缓冲液1610734 1610771

Bio-Rad伯乐甘氨酸缓冲液1610734 1610771

10x Tris/Glycine Buffer,1L装,10xpremixed electrophoresis buffer contains 25 mM Tris, 192 mM glycine, pH 8.3 following dilution to 1x with water.

Use 10x Tris/Glycine Buffer as a transfer buffer for western blots or as a running buffer for native protein gel electrophoresis.

  • For tank or semi-dry blotting for SDS PAGE gels, usually with the addition of 20% methanol
  • For tank blotting of native gels, without methanol
  • As a running buffer for native gels

Bio-Rad伯乐甘氨酸缓冲液1610734 1610771订购信息:

1610798   1.5M Tris-HCl,pH8.8 分离胶Buffer          1L

1610799   0.5M Tris-HCl,pH6.8 浓缩胶Buffer          1L

1610737   Laemmli上样缓冲液                          30ml

1610738   非变性电泳上样缓冲液                        30ml 

1610739   Tricine上样缓冲液                          30ml

1610767   5×核酸上样缓冲液                           10ml

1610732   10×Tris/甘氨酸/SDS缓冲液                   1L

1610772   10×Tris/甘氨酸/SDS缓冲液                   5L

1610734   10×Tris/甘氨酸缓冲液                       1L

1610771   10×Tris/甘氨酸缓冲液                       5L

1610744   10×Tris/Tricine/SDS缓冲液                  1L

1610733   10×TBE                                     1L

1610770   10×TBE                                     5L

1610743   50×TAE                                     1L

1610783   1×PBS/1%干酪素                             1L

1610782   1×TBS/1%干酪素                             1L