Bio-Rad伯乐压片滚筒Sealing Roller MSR0001伯乐Bio-Rad产品代理

Bio-Rad伯乐压片滚筒Sealing Roller MSR0001伯乐Bio-Rad产品代理

MSR0001:Sealing Roller,Pkg of 1, for sealing PCR plates with films.

Easy Cap™ Tool #ECT-1000:Pkg of 1, tool for capping and uncapping PCR samples, ensures tight seal for 0.2 ml tubes or 96-well microplates.

Strip Cap Tool #ECT-2000:Pkg of 1, tool for seating 8- and 12-cap strips on PCR plates or tubes.

96-Place Racks #TRC-0501:Pkg of 5, rack for PCR tubes and unskirted microplates, with covers, assorted colors.

PCR Tube Racks #TRC-9601:Pkg of 10, 96-place rack, conforms to ANSI/SBS standards, holds 0.2 and 0.1 ml PCR tubes and plates, suitable for robotic handling, autoclavable, white.