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ART 广口吸头
ART 广口吸头3701 产品特点
  ART 广口吸头货号: 3701描述:ART 200 广口吸头,非滤芯吸头包装:盒装,灭菌,96个/盒,8盒/包装

ART 广口吸头3701

Perform applications consistently and accurately by using Thermo Scientific™ ART™ Barrier Specialty Pipette Tips, which seal when exposed to potential contaminants, trapping them inside the barrier. ART barrier specialty tips are designed to aid in pipetting for a variety of applications. Extended length, Thermo Scientific™ REACH™ tips provide an extra level of contamination control.描述

Sterile, wide bore tips are certified free from RNase, DNase and pyrogen
Available racked, with 96 tips per tray (8 trays per pack)
Manufactured according to the industry's highest quality standard
Designed to aid in pipetteting for a variety of applications
Extended length prevent contamination by keeping the pipettete shaft from entering the sample vessel
Universal fit

货号                                       描述                                     价格

3701 200 μl加长吸头,无色透明,阔口,盒装,无菌,96个/盒, 8盒/包装 147.41 
3702 200 μl加长吸头,无色透明,阔口,盒装,非灭菌,96个/盒, 8盒/包装 140.98 
2160G ART Gemonic 200 20-200ul,带滤芯,8盒/箱 196.01