Finntip 200加长吸头 1000加长 吸头9400100-赛默飞中国代理商

Finntip 200加长吸头 1000加长 吸头
Finntip 200加长吸头  1000加长 吸头9400100 产品特点
  Finntip 200加长吸头 1000加长 吸头9400100 Finntip 200加长 袋装,400/袋

Finntip 200加长吸头  1000加长 吸头9400100

Ensure accurate, precise pipetting. Thermo Scientific™ Finntip™ Pipette Tips are manufactured using high quality raw materials and the latest molding techniques. Finntips are designed using our knowledge of liquid handling. Our modern automated production facilities, and our expertise, enable us to produce uniformly smooth, hydrophobic surfaces on the inside and outside of our tips, to prevent liquid retention.描述
Smooth, uniform surface prevents liquid retention
Volume range from 0.2μL to 10mL
Available sterile or nonsterile
Packaging options include racks, bags, boxes, bulk, and refill packs
Color-coded racks to match the compatible Finnpipette
Color-coding only applies to rack and refill packaging

Manufactured according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 (CE/IVD certified)

型号                                             货号                                     描述                          价格

Finntip 200加长 9400100 400/袋 457.06 
Finntip 200加长 9400130 96/盒 126.96 
Finntip 200加长 9400133 96/盒 159.22 
Finntip 1000加长 9401410 1000/袋 947.06 
Finntip 1000加长 9401420 96/盒 107.61 
Finntip 1000加长 9401423 96/盒 133.14