Harris Aluminum Micro-punch打孔器15089

Harris Aluminum Micro-punch打孔器


Harris Aluminum Micro-punch打孔器有一个锋利的打孔头,可以从组织、胶、纸、衣服、滤膜等材料上取样。打孔头由高碳不锈钢材质做成,经过热处理达到Rockwell硬度Rc-65。打孔头 的尺寸:0.5/1.0/1.2/2.0/3.0mm。每个Harris Micro-punch带有一个塑料刀头套、6 x 8“ 1.5mm厚垫。更换刀头、栓塞、垫均可单独购买。

Harris Micro-punch有一个锋利的打孔头,可以从组织、胶、纸、衣服、滤膜等材料上取样。打孔头由高碳不锈钢材质做成,经过热处理达到Rockwell硬度Rc-65。打孔头 的尺寸:0.5/1.0/1.2/2.0/3.0mm。每个Harris Micro-punch带有一个塑料刀头套、6 x 8″ 1.5mm厚垫。更换刀头、栓塞、垫均可单独购买。

The lightweight, seamless barrel is machined from high grade 6061 aluminum tubing. It is anodized to form a protective, chemically resistant, long lasting surface for easy handling. The tips and ejection rods have the same specifications as the above plastic bodied Micro-Punchs. The plungers consist of a knob-screw assembly made from anodized aluminum with a 404 stainless steel ejection rod and spring. Each Harris Aluminum Micro-Punch® is sold with a protective plastic tip cover and a 6″ x 8″, 1.5 mm thick, inert, self-healing Harris cutting mat with dual cutting surfaces.

Harris Aluminum Micro-Punches complete with Ejection Rod, Tip, Tip guard and Cutting Mat:

15089      Harris Aluminum Micro-Punch, Tip Diameter 0.5mm

15089-2     Harris Aluminum Micro-Punch, Tip Diameter 1.0mm

15089-3    Harris Aluminum Micro-Punch, Tip Diameter 1.20mm

15089-4    Harris Aluminum Micro-Punch, Tip Diameter 2.0mm

15089-5    Harris Aluminum Micro-Punch, Tip Diameter 3.0mm