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Pluripotent Cell Detection
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Cellartis Y20010 hES-Cellect 150 μg ¥6,395 Pluripotent Cell Detection Pluripotent Cell Detection Pluripotent Cell Detection
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(Monoclonal Antibodies for Detecting Pluripotent Cells)
■ 产品特点
· hES-Cellect is high-purity monoclonal antibodies that recognize surface markers specific to pluripotent cells
· hES-Cellect can be used without cell fixation or permeabilization to detect and select live cells
Product Name Human ES Cells Human iPS Cells
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■ 产品应用
· Identification and/or isolation of human ES and iPS cells by immunocytochemistry, flow cytometry,and magnetic cell separation
· Separation of human pluripotent stem cells from feeder cells and differentiated progeny
· Early identification of reprogrammed human iPS cell clones
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